Are crucial conversations keeping you stuck?

Whenever you’re not getting the results you’re looking for, it’s likely that a crucial conversation is keeping you stuck.

Whether it’s a problem with poor quality, slow time-to-market, declining customer satisfaction, or a strained relationship, if you can’t talk honestly with nearly anybody about almost anything, you can expect poor results. Make crucial conversations skills your best practices and everything gets better.

Here are some tips to help you get started with your crucial conversation:

1. Choose the most appropriate objectives that you want from the conversation and set your expectations towards them.

2. Pay attention to your style of communication and avoid any negative words or body language. True communication doesn’t involve demeaning or laying blame.

3. Don’t intimidate, use harsh words or raise your voice. Use constructive, positive words.

4. Do not over dominate the conversation and claim superiority. If someone is made to feel inferior at the beginning of a conversation they are more likely to take offense.

5.  Ask the other person’s opinion, actively listen and take the time to understand.

6. Take action. Decide what the outcome of the conversation will be, who will be responsible for each component of the solution and start working towards the result.

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