BluePrint tip: Designing presentations backwards

In our careers we are often asked to make presentations, however many of us struggle knowing how to start preparing. Rather than designing your presentation from the beginning to the end – reverse it.

Start with the destination and work back to the opening. Write your closing line that summarises your message clearly and then write the points that support your ending.

Your speech will be clearer and take you less time if your start with the end in mind.


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One Response to “BluePrint tip: Designing presentations backwards”

  1. Simon Raybould - public speaking & presentations trainer UK Says:

    I couldn’t agree more!

    That said, it’s sometimes hard to write an actual sentence when you do this, so we often advise our clients to just jot down the idea at the bottom of the page (not in sentence form) just to get themselves started and then write a kind of ‘flow diagram’ of how to get there…. works very well for a wide range of people.

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