The five myths of public speaking

One of the most famous speeches of all times is the “I have a dream” speech by Martin Luther King that went straight to the core and resonated with all that heard it.

However, most of us are not as talented when it comes to presentations and public speaking as Martin Luther King but that doesn’t mean that we can’t approach the task of planning, preparing and really nailing a speech the way that the professionals do.

Smart Company has exploded some common beliefs about the art of public speaking that can help you improve your technique.

1. Myth: Public speaking is a natural gift
Reality: Practice makes perfect

2. Myth: It’s all about the document you are presenting
Reality: It’s not about the content, but the method and technique used to deliver

3. Myth: Bullet-points are essential
Reality: Don’t overload a slide with too many different ideas as it dilutes the message

4. Myth: A keynote doesn’t need any props
Reality: Engage all the senses by using interesting visuals such as videos

5. Myth: It is only necessary to prepare the main points of the presentation and then expand as you go
Reality: Know your material backwards.

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