7 tips for leaders as the year wraps up

Christmas is fast approaching and with that comes invitations to work Christmas parties and celebratory events. As a manager and leader, these events cannot be seen as a chance to go crazy, rather an opportunity to reinforce a culture of engagement says the HR Daily.

It is important to see end of year events as a springboard into the year ahead and realise that any out of the ordinary behaviour can damage future relationships. The HR Daily recommends that managers lower their risk by taking a leadership mentality into the party to show that you are an effective, open, responsible and caring manager.

The following seven tips were offered to help managers through the festive season:

1. Understand the guidelines and have a clear mind.

2. Set expectations for staff and deliver on them.

3. Show your commitment by turning up and engaging with staff.

4. Be a role model for the behaviour that your expect.

5. Be aware of what is happening and remember you are ultimately responsible for the welfare of attendees.

6. Be prepared to act on bad behaviours.

7. Implement the boundaries of the function to attain the outcomes you want.

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