Bosses Overestimate Their Managing Skills

A new survey of 1,100 front-line managers conducted by Consulting firm Development Dimensions International has found that many managers are over estimating their skills, and are often over confident.

The survey asked managers about their first year as a manager and found:

  • 74 percent of managers didn’t regret being promoted
  • 72 percent never questioned their ability to lead others

Managers were also asked to rate their skill level out of development area, proficient and strength and found the following percentages for those that regarded the indicated areas as a strength:

  • Work standards – 62 percent
  • Planning and organising – 58 percent
  • Decision making – 53 percent
  • Communication – 50 percent
  • Professional skills – 50 percent
  • Initiating action – 46 percent
  • Adaptability – 46 percent
  • Coaching – 36 percent
  • Gaining commitment – 33 percent
  • Delegating – 32 percent

The results show that front-line managers believe their biggest strengths are in setting work standards and planning and organising, but need to work on areas such as delegating, coaching and gaining commitment. However no more than 15 percent pointed to any of these areas as a “development area,” demonstrating that a large percentage of front-line managers are over confident in their positions.

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