BluePrint tip: Communication is the key to managing change

Change is a tiny word that can cause a great deal of fear within many of us. However, we have to remember that life is full of change, especially in the business world, so it is important to understand the best way manage it.

Managers need the skills and confidence to lead during times of change. Being change savvy leads to greater success both personally and professionally.

As a manager it is important that you understand why you need to change. If you don’t, no-one else will. Being able to effectively communicate is one of the key factors in the successful implementation of change.

Make sure you explain the reasons for the change and provide people with the opportunity to ask questions and clear up any misconceptions. By increasing people’s understanding you will help people to become more receptive of the changes.

The more open you are as a manager, the more trust will be built, which will ultimately lead to a more successful and quicker changeover period.


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