Making tough decisions

In today’s tough business world it is important for leaders and managers to make decisions quickly and implement them to ensure they cut through the clutter and get things done.

In a recent Dynamic Business article titled Making decisions and being accountable they explain that business leaders often have difficulty making decisions which can often lead to drastic problems. They explain that the four areas that often cause the most difficulty are the following:

1. Being able to give and receive constructive feedback when needed and/or regularly.

2. Facing up to removing people who everyone knows are not performing and/or the terrorist who is always undermining the efforts of the leader or the organisation.

3. Delegating and empowering people; giving them the responsibility, authority, and accountability and holding them to it.

4. Keeping strategy at the forefront and actually having a real strategy, not just a ‘list of things to do’.

To overcome making difficult decisions it is suggested you follow the following seven brief tips to help you not only make a decision, but make a good decision that will give you the end results you need.

1. State the issue clearly.

2. Why is it significant?

3. My ideal outcome is?

4. Relevant background information.

5. My options are.

6. Direction I am heading.

7. Input I would like.


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